Calculated Industries 8025 Ultra Measure Master Measurement Conversion Calculator

Calculated Industries

Ultra Measure Master 8025 Measurement Metric Conversion Calculator

The most complete, easy-to-use metric conversion calculator, the Ultra Measure Master from Calculated Industries makes quick work of converting between imperial and metric measurements, and it's ideal for engineers, architects, scientists, construction pros, students, and more.
Quick, Accurate Solutions in the Field

Ultra Measure Master 8025 Conversion Calculator at a glance:

  • Over 400 conversion combinations
  • More than sixty Standard U.S. and Metric units built-in
  • Easily calculate linear, area and volume measurements
  • Find dry and liquid weight per volume
  • Solve for velocity, flow rate, pressure, temperatures, and more

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Complete and Easy to Use Metric Conversion Calculator

You'll be able to convert more than 60 imperial and metric units with over 400 conversion combinations with the touch of a few buttons, perfect for getting fast, reliable conversions in the office or out in the field. Convert between feet, inches, fractions, yards, meters, centimeters and millimeters including square and cubic formats.

Dimensional Math and Conversions

  • More than 60 standard and metric units built-in for fast, reliable conversions on the job or in the office
  • Over 400 conversion combinations
  • Works in and convert between feet, inches, fractions, yards, meters, centimeters and millimeters - including square and cubic formats

Dedicated Functions

  • Linear: feet-inch-fractions or yards, miles, decimal feet/inch fractions, millimeters, centimeters, meters and kilometers
  • Area: feet-inch-fraction, yards, acres, square-miles, millimeters, centimeters and meters, hectares, square-kilometers
  • Volume: cubic feet, inch, yards, acre-feet, board feet, millimeters, centimeters, meters, kilometers, miles, gallons, liters and fluid ounces
  • Weight: pounds, dry ounces, tons, metric tons, grams and kilograms
  • Weight per Volume: tons per cubic yard, pounds per cubic yard, and kilograms per cubic meter
  • Linear Velocity: inches and feet per second, feet per minute, miles per hour, minute and hour, millimeters and meters per second /minute and kilometers per hour
  • Flow Rate: ounces per second, gallons per minute, milliliters and liters per second
  • Pressure: pounds per square inch (PSI), pounds per square foot (PSF), kilo-Pascal, mega-Pascal and Bars
  • Bending Moment: inch-pounds, foot-pounds and Newton Meters
  • Temperature: Fahrenheit (°F) and Centigrade (°C).

Added Features

  • User Preferences - set custom options: Fractions, Area, Volume
  • Cost per Unit: Solve unit cost and pricing
  • Backspace Key: Easily correct entry errors
  • "Paperless" Tape: Allows review of the last 20 entries; double-check totals.
  • Standard Calculations: works as a math calculator with {490ede0002b08415e87ccfeefe6774198f39eeaaf2837a3b8bd3ca5866846f85}, +, -, ×, ÷, +/-, π, 1/x, x2, and √

User Reviews

User: Bob Con
User Rating: ★★★★★
This metric conversion calculator has a set of unique features that make calculations between different measurement units easy. If you have to deal with different units of measure, and have to convert from different measurement units, this is a great tool. I have three of these around the house for quick conversions on various calculations. Although I am a RPM logic fan (HP RPN calcuators) this one has some features that make some calculations easier than the HP calculators. Great tool.


User: Sheryl, Interior Designer of Freelance from Thailand
User Rating: ★★★★
It helped me to convert Feet and Inches to MM to CM in all of my jobs here in Thailand. Thank you so much, not to speak about the conversion for gas, liters, and bakery for even tons and grams, for 306 star hotel bakery equipments needed:) Thank you!


User: Rich from Edina Minnesota
User Rating: ★★★★★
I often have to covert to grams, liters, yds to miles, etc. It is quick and easy. I LOVE this product. I studied Advanced Algebra a year ago; all word problems. It was indispensible!


User: chas
User Rating: ★★★★
I do architectural and industrial design work in both the USA and Spain. Although I can no longer think in inch fractions, inches and feet, I still need the converter in the USA to convert the Imperial nonsense into metric. I have a previous model of this Ultra Measure Master calculator which I bought 12 years ago, which works perfectly, but which I now leave in Spain to prevent luggage clutter. The only thing I wish the unit had is a function to convert miles per US gallon to kilometers per liter, so I could easily check my gas consumption in Europe.


User Rating: ★★★★★
I personally do not use this metric conversion calculator but purchased two for my son's work. They were hard to find for his plumbing department. It was nice to find them on here and for a great price. Other stores, sellers and even websites wanted double to triple the price. Thankful for the great quality and exactly what was needed.


User: Leonard Gallo, Project Manager of Tuscarora Construction Co. from Pulaski NY
User Rating: ★★★★★
This is my second umm very good tool as my home state of NY uses both US and metric measure for road and bridge work. I wouldnt be without one


User: HeeMannon
User Rating: ★★★★★
This makes the 2nd model 8025 calculators I have purchased. I'm not sure how long my first one lasted (at least 5 - 7 years). I used it so much I eventually broke the hinged cover on it. It finally gave out on me last week. This calculator does it all, from the paperless tape function (it remembers your past 20 entries or calculations) to the ease with averages, to the very easy way it allows you to convert various measurements.

I placed my order Tuesday 2/21/2012, they promised delivery around the 24th - the 25th, I received it today 2/23/2012, perfect timing.

This is the only calculator I will ever buy. Truly outstanding.


User: Leeann Karidis, Sect'y - Treas. of Karidis Imports, Inc. from Santa Monica, CA
User Rating: ★★★★★
This is an excellent product, especially if you work a lot with European companies that do everything in Metric.


User: Kris Kuppin, CAD Tech/Designer of CADCO Arch.-Engin.,Inc. from Abilene, Texas
User Rating: ★★★★★
Excellent calculator. Have worn out three previously, and I use it daily. Bought one for an associate, he likes it, also.