Calculated Industries 9130 TimeMaster II

Calculated Industries

TimeMaster II Time Math Calculator 9130, Calculated Industries

Instantly determine time-based costs and rates for billing and estimates. If you're in Radio and Broadcasting, use the time and stopwatch keys for accurate production/editing. Pilots and flight attendants can quickly compute flying hours. Coaches and athletes use the TimeMaster II calculator Stopwatch and Timer with Split/Lap feature to track elapsed times and performance.

  • Quickly perform tedious time-math calculations in hours, minutes or seconds; hours:minutes:seconds (h:m:s), or in decimal format down to 100th of a second
  • Accurately track or schedule hours
  • Cut production costs and scheduling errors
  • Built-in stopwatch and timer with alarm
  • Ideal for time/rate estimates

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Versatile, Easy-To-Use Time Math Calculator for Conversions, Schedules, Rate-Based Estimates, etc.

The TimeMaster II calculator (model 9130) from Calculated Industries can instantly determine time-based costs and rates for billing and estimates. And if you're in the broadcasting industry, you can use the time and stopwatch keys for accurate production and editing. It's also ideal for pilots and flight attendants for computing flying hours as well as athletes and coaches for tracking performance and elapsed times.

The time-math measurement and conversion functions can calculate down to 1/100 of a second, and in addition to hours, minutes, and seconds the TimeMaster II can calculate multiple days. The easy-to-use stopwatch offers count-down and count-up functions as well as a split/lap with an optional buzzer. Other features provided by this time math calculator include a rate function for time-based billing and estimates, a "paperless" tape that lets you review the previous 20 entries, and memories to store up to 10 separate values.

Dedicated Functions:

  • Time-math measurement and conversion in hours, minutes or seconds; hours:minutes:seconds (h:m:s), auto-entry; or decimal format down to 100th of a second
  • Easy-to-use built-in stopwatch and timer with alarm; count-down or count-up plus 'split/lap' function with optional 'buzzer'
  • Begin/End/Duration keys for elapsed time solutions
  • Easily add days (+1, +2, +3) for calculating durations of more than 24 hours
  • Rate function for time-based billing and estimates

Additional Features:

  • Mode: Toggle between modes of data entry
  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide in real-time, AM/PM or 24-hour
  • Paperless tape: Review last 20 data entries; works while built-in timer is in use
  • Preference Settings: User established calculator settings
  • Memories: Store up to ten separate values
  • Standard math calculator with +/-, +, -, ×, ÷,%, 1/x
  • Durable and Portable

User Reviews

User: Radio Bay Ray
User Rating: ★★★★★
Hi, being the the TV and Radio Bus, timing the shows is a big deal. This time math calculator make the time calculation perfect.
The calculator does alot more funtions too. This is what you need for video timer spot ETC. Even if your the pro or starting out this calculator/timer is an full loaded for edit timer calculator. Now the only bad thing if you have oily/ wet/ food dirty hands wipe them off this unit is not water, dirt, oil proof. As they say take good care of the equipment it will be there when you needed. This unit get alot of use 24/7 and wears good.


User: Peter, chief editor of KPJR from Westminster, CO
User Rating: ★★★★★
I haven't purchased this one yet but I have Time Master 1. I agree with the comment below: it needs a frames unit to really be useful with editing and other video applications. But i do love it otherwise. I would also like to have dual timers: one to cout up and another counting down for segments and show times. But that's why we have stopwatches.


User: Ben T.
User Rating: ★★★★
I do audio production for broadcast, and that requires precise time calculations. As anyone who tries to do time calc knows, it is tricky and not just straight math as the units change value once added or subtracted (Seconds to minutes, and Minutes to hours, and the reverse). The Calculated Industries 9130 time math calculator make this an easy task.., I say this even though being used to doing it in my head, which sometime works faster for me, the 9130 is accurate and a big help to those not accustomed to calculating time on paper, or mentally. I use it for a fast double check of my work, especially when I have to check over several projects before releasing them to go on air. This is a useful gadget and fairly easy to use.


User: Clint Bowman, Head Coach, Girls' Cross-country, Track & Field of South Windsor High School from South Windsor, Ct
User Rating: ★★★★★
Very essential to me and to my assistant coaches in determining avg. times in a race and to set target times for workouts. No other item has worked as well for me. I have been coaching for 50 years.


User: Roger Perales, Chief Engineer KXRM TV of KXRM from Colorado Springs, Co
User Rating: ★★★★★
We had one for a long time .. was pleased to see it was still available.
It does just what is needed. Indispensable for broadcast industry. Perfect time math calculator.