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ScheduleCalc Schedule Calculator 9430

The time-saving ScheduleCalc is an advanced schedule to simplify all your time and date related math problems.

It is ideal for schedulers, production planners, contract administrators or anyone with similar tasks that require accurate time and dates for schedules and forecasts.

  • Master Time On Daily Weekly Monthly Basis – add, subtract, multiply and divide time and date units for timecards, scheduling, forecasting and more
  • Simplifies Confusing Time Math – lets you work in and convert between hours, minutes, seconds, h:m:s, in both 12hr AM/PM or military 24hr clocks
  • Solves Day Date Calender Math at a Glance – planners and schedulers of all types can work in days, weeks, months, years even work days and work weeks
  • Stopwatch and Timer Built In – count down or up to time events, processes and do elapsed time calculations with ease; includes optional alarm buzzer
  • Helps Aany Planning Professional – in production, transportation, projects, teachers, military, events, correctional, payroll, pilots, truckers, etc

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Powerful and Accurate Calendar / Time / Date Schedule Calculator

Perfect for project managers, production schedulers, contract administrators, real estate agents, escrow officers, corrections and parole officers, pilots, truckers, or anyone that needs fast, easy and accurate calculations using times, days and dates!

Works in nearly any time and date measure format – no need to convert data before entering it! The ScheduleCalc schedule calculator accepts nearly any time measure format and will save you time and effort when solving complicated problems. Multiple entry formats for time or date measurement and conversion in Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes or Seconds; Hours:Minutes:Seconds (h:m:s), Workweeks and Workdays; Add Days (+1, +2, +3) and find decimal equivalents. AM/PM or 24 hour (military) time formats. Multiple Week/Day/Date Modes. Works with any calendar or planning format

Built in stopwatch and timer with alarm; count-down or count-up plus 'Split/Lap' function with optional 'Buzzer'

More time saving functions – include easy-to-use Begin/End/Duration keys for elapsed time solutions, a Proration function for dollar amounts, Paperless Tape to review your last 20 entries, built-in Memories to store 10 values, Rate function for time-based billing and estimates and Preferences for user definable settings; U.S., European, Day, Time, Rate, Workweek/Week, Holidays, Buzzer on/off.

Comes complete – easy to follow User’s Guide, long-life CR-2032 battery installed, Armadillo Gear protective hard case and a 1-year Warranty.

User Reviews

User: Brent Foust
User Rating: ★★★★
If you need to add/subtract dates and times, this schedule calculator makes it quick and intuitive.

You can do things like:

* Subtract one date from another
You get a duration.

* Subtract a number of days (or time duration) from a date
You get another date.

* Add Time values
You get the total number of workdays

* Set any two of these values and get the third:
- Start
- End
- Duration

Of course, you can convert to number of workweeks, hours, etc. Or the settings can be changed to:

* Use a 50 hr week, for example, or

* Use 24 hr days, instead of a work day (8 hrs)

* The #hours worked in a day can be changed to any value (to 10, for example)

* Holidays can be defined (that don't get used as a work day)

* The days of week used as workdays
(by default, this is M-F)

It's also a regular calculator (very basic). But the time/date functions make this a nice tool for calculating task lengths or completion dates/times.

It looks huge in the picture, but the first thing I did was take off the large rubber protective cover. Now it fits easily in my small hand (although the cover would be great to protect it on a job site).