Canon Scientific Calculator F-792SGA

The Canon scientific calculator F-792SGA handles a total of 648 functions, and its large, dot-matrix 4-line display makes calculations easy and comfortable.

Main Features

  • Total 648 Functions
  • 38 built-in formulas
  • Dot-Matrix 4-Line Display
  • Store to Memory
  • Recall Memory
  • LCD Contrast Adjustment
  • Shell made from recycled plastic
  • Solar and battery power source
  • Protective hard case included

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Canon Scientific Calculator F-792SGA with Built-In Formulas and Complex Calculations

The calculator includes LCM, GCD Function, Quotient & Remainder, Random Integers, Probability Distribution Calculations, Complex Number Calculations and more. The F-792SGA also includes 38 built-in formulas.

The dual power - solar and battery - allows you to perform your calculations whether you are in the school or on the go. It also provides a removable hard cover case which protects it against damage when you are on the move. The shell of the F-792SGA is made from recycled plastic.

User Reviews

User: guantamanera
User Rating: ★★★★★
Excellent scientific calculator, like all japanese calculators you have to switch modes, so those used to casio or sharp calculators will feel right at home. The equation solver is excellent, it solves up to quartic functions. It can operate with 4x4 matrices


User: poor&cheap
User Rating: ★★★★★
it is not allowed in any exam in Australia. good many functions. i was going to buy a conversion calculator for $35 which has over 500 conversion functions but this one has 170, enough for its price. and it looks nice


User Rating: ★★★★★
Straightforward versatile scientific calculator, it seems to work as described, with a lot of capability. My only regret, which none of the other calculators can alleviate either, is that the symbol for division '÷' looks too much like the plus sign '+' - I would have preferred the slash '/'. The calculator has another symbol, a lower right-hand corner, for apparently the same use, but it seems awkward and uncommon for the US market. The multiple capabilities mean there's a learning curve.


User: Syein
User Rating: ★★★★★
This Canon scientific calculator f-792sga works well, fast typing, and does what it supposed to do.
The only downside is probably its physical materials and appearance. Canon F-792SGA feels cheaper and lighter than my Casio fx-115 ES. I used the fx-115 ES for over 7 years now, never change its battery before. Lately, I noticed a very noticeable dim for my fx-115 es. I was afraid it gonna die on me during the exam, that's why I purchased the f-792SGA.
When I first opened the f-792sga, there is a warning message that said "battery low", but it never appeared again when I'm using it. It kinda disconcerted me a bit.
Other than that, the calculator is perfect.


User: Maricin Del C. Alvarez
User Rating: ★★★★★
Works as expected, so useful and easy to handle, good product. Arrived on time and well packed.