Canon P1-DHV-3 Calculator, Advanced Desktop Printing Calculators

Featuring a stylish, silver metallic design and advanced calculations the Canon P1-DHV-3 calculator fits right in the palm of your hand. Time Calculation enables you to calculate time-based fee structures, while profit margin calculation can be calculated with the touch of a few keys. Tax rates can be stored and recalled whenever needed.

  • Featuring a stylish, silver metallic design and advanced calculations the p1-dhv-3 fits right in the palm of your hand.
  • Time Calculation enables you to calculate time-based fee structures, while profit margin Calculation can be calculated with the touch of a few keys.
  • Tax rates can be stored and recalled whenever needed.

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Printing Calculator with Advanced Calculations and Compact Size

Portable size with powerful business functions the Canon P1-DHV-3 calculator is the ideal desktop printing calculator to control your business or home finances. The compact size allows the P1-DHV-3 calculator to fit on your desktop without taking up too much space. But don't Let the size deceive you; this unit is packed with important business functions such as the ability to calculate your cost, selling price or profit margin with the touch of a few keys.


  • Double Check Function
  • Easy Paper Loading
  • Currency Conversion
  • Tax Calculation
  • Business Calculation
  • Sign Change
  • Memory
  • Percentage
  • Decimal & Rounding

User Reviews

User: thelastcoyote101
User Rating: ★★★★
I have never owned a printing calculator before. I did not find the instructions to install the paper roll to be very clear. It says to feed the paper into the slit in the top but really it's more in the back of the calculator. Other than that it has a lot of good functions and can be used as a printing or non-printing calculator. It does not print in dual colors unfortunately.


User: Nicholas Calderone
User Rating: ★★★★★
This is a really nice adding machine/calculator. My grandma is always adding and re-adding her expenses and it will come in quite handy to have for her. I like that the printer paper is easy to feed into the calculator and that you don't have to use it if you don't want to. The buttons are easy to read, but they aren't 'large' buttons. There are a lot of features on this calculator and it's very easy to use.


User: Seth Davis
User Rating: ★★★★★
Currently, we use this for our carhops, and they love it. It's small enough to be out of the way, yet right there any time they need it. Setting up the controls is easy and clearly explained in the manual. The feeder doesn't jam or have feeding issues like most calculators.


User: nonigrams
User Rating: ★★★★★
I've been a crafter for many years and still like to do the occasional craft show. A calculators like this is perfect for those occasions because it allows me to give the customer a receipt showing exactly what they were charged, the tax rate, etc. And if you've ever been to a major craft show, you know what I mean when I say it can be HECTIC to say the least! Sometimes those customers are flying in and out of your booth so fast buying things that it can be quite the challenge to keep up. I want the peace of mind of knowing that my customers can look at a receipt later on and know that regardless of how hectic it was, how many other customers were in my booth at the time, etc., they were treated fairly and charged the right price. And having a nice little printed receipt is what guarantees this. This calculator performs wonderfully well for that.

There are many features that I have yet to learn - but I'm working on it! I do love the fact that I think this calculator makes me look like I know a lot more about math than I really do - ha. But hey, it does what it claims to do - and that's all I was looking for. I'm happy to recommend it to others.


User: S.Trasny
User Rating: ★★★★★
I already had a bigger desktop calculator when I selected this Canon P1-DHV-3 calculator, but I figured a smaller one would be handy for business travel or other occasional use away from the office. It’s smaller size does make it a good option for travel because it fits easily in my briefcase. Then, I realized that it does everything that the old one did, and in a much more attractive package that takes up less space, and decided to give it permanent desk space and donate the old one. In comparison to the one it replaced, the Cannon’s number pad felt small during initial use, but the adjustment period was short. The operation is smooth and there’s no discernible hesitation between key press and figure display. Functionally, I identified no improvement opportunities. From a convenience perspective, since Cannon made it AC / DC, I would have appreciated receiving the optional AC cord since the calculator is configured for AC and DC. Also, it’s probably nitpicking, but I hated that the included paper roll was basically a sample. It was quickly exhausted. Of course, ordering replacement rolls is easy. Overall, I like and recommend the Canon P1-DHV-3 Printing Desktop Calculator.


User: Brian Connors
User Rating: ★★★★★
I'm gonna be honest... the only reason I ordered this was curiosity. Never had a printing calculator before. Whatever, you know?

It seems this is the latest iteration of a long-standing Canon model. I admit to not being 100{490ede0002b08415e87ccfeefe6774198f39eeaaf2837a3b8bd3ca5866846f85} clear on what role, if any, a printing calculator should have in someone's workflow, but given that TI's BAII Plus is functionally unchanged since its first version in 1991, I imagine that the ability to have a printed record of your calculations still matters a great deal to your average non-techie CPA. How does it function? It functions exactly like I would expect a calculator to function. The 12-digit display is good for calculating large amounts of money. I don't like the fact that the manual is a giant piece of paper rather than a small booklet, but I imagine if you're in the market for one of these things, you probably don't much need the manual in the first place. It isn't even especially expensive, which is always nice.

This is one of those things I choose to grade on a pass-fail basis. It passes.