Casio FC-200V Financial Calculator


Casio FC-200V Calculator, Financial Calculators with 4-Line Display

Financial calculator with direct mode key and new operation. By pressing these built-in Direct Mode Key, you can swiftly enter into exclusive modes when executing each finacial calculation. Casio FC-200V calculator incorporates a full-dot 4-line display allowing easy input, confirmation, change and correction of each parameter.

  • Financial Calculator
  • Design that delivers High availability, scalability, and for maximum flexibility and price/performance
  • Made in United states
  • Full dot, 4-line display
  • Cost/sell/margin, investment appraisal, amortization
  • Converts between percentage interest rate and effective interest rate
  • Simple and compound interest calculations, depreciation
  • Simple/compound interest and investment appraisal amortization functions
  • Slide-on hard case; solar power with battery back-up

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Easy To Use Casio FC-200V Calculator

Financial calculator with additional functions like Bonds and deprecation, break-even point calculation and Two-Way-Power.

Direct Mode Key and New Operation

By pressing these built-in Direct Mode Key, you can swiftly enter into exclusive modes when executing each finacial calculation. FC-200V calculator incorporates a full-dot 4-line display allowing easy input, confirmation, change and correction of each parameter. Casio FC-200V calculator also offers the very convenient 3-digit, comma-markers display function.

Shortcut Key

Parameter values or settings once used in calculation can be memorized and the stored data can be recalled for use in similar calculations. A very efficient function for repeat calculations.

General specifications:

  • 4-line-display: Dot Matrix 31 * 96 / mantissa+ exponent 10 + 2 digits
  • Plastic keys
  • Energy supply: AAA-size battery and solar-cell
  • New slide-on hardcase
  • Size (H x W x D): 12,2 x 80,0 x 161,00 mm
  • Weight: 103 g
  • EAN-Code: 49-71850-167006 (June: 172130) blister (FC-200V-S-EH)
  • Packaging (L x W x H): 245,0 x 155,0 x 43,1 mm
  • Total weight: 363,7 g
  • Languages: Englisch Spanish, French

Detailed specifications:

  • Input Fomat: V.P.A.M
  • Function calculations
    - Trigonometric / Invers Trigonometric calculations
    - Hyperbolic / Invers Hyperbolic calculations
    - log, ln - (logarithmic) calculations
    - 10x, ex - (exponential) calculations
    - x2/ ^ / x√ -
    (Power / Power Root) calculations
    - √ - (root) calculations
    - x-1 - (invers) calculations
    - x! - (factorial operator) calculations
    - nPr (Permutation), nCr (Combinatoric)
    - Random Number
  • Replay
    - History
  • Memory
    - Ans
    - STO, RCL (A-D, X,Y, M (7))
  • Percentage calculations
  • Display Setting of Numbers
    - Fix
    - Sci
    - Norm
    - 3-digit separator symbol
  • Angle Setting
    - Deg, Rad, Gra
  • Stat Editor table
  • Calculation Items
    - n
    - x-var
    - ∑!
    - ∑x2
    - ⊗n-1
    - ⊗!
  • Regression
    - Linear regression
    - Logarithmic regression
    - e exponential regression
    - Power regression
    - Inverse regression
    - Quadratic regression

Financial Calculations

  • Simple Interest
  • Compound InterestsTVMn
  • P/Y, C/Y
  • Cash Flow (Investment Appraisal)
  • Amortization
  • Conversion
  • Day calculations
  • Cost, Shell, Margin
  • Bond calculation
    - Purchase price
    - Yield to maturity
  • Depreciation
    - Straight - Line Method
    - Fixed percent Method
    - Sum-of-the-Year's Digits
    - Declining Balance
  • Break-Even Point Calculation
    - Break-Even point sales quantity
    - Break-Even point sales amount
    - Sales amount for expected interest
    - Sales amount for expected interest rate
    - Margin of Safety
    - Degree of Operating Leverage
    - Degree of Combined Leverage
    - Degree of Financial Leverage

User Reviews

User: Rogers
User Rating: ★★★★★
A calculator is a excellent tool to solve many math problems. Taking a math test is quicker to find the answer. The financial calculator helps to solve simple and compound interest;but survey of math, a class that is being taken in college gives formula to solve financial problem. Which is the best way, a math formula will produce a better grade and the financial calculator will give good answers. What it comes down to is what is the financial calculator used for, In math class the answer could be a little off (like a dollar off), In a financial class it will give a correct answer. Solving car loan for monthly payments, a financial calculator will be an excellent tool. This casio fc-200v calculator seems to have a better understanding on how things work when filling in the blanks (simple interest,compound interest) This tool is a great helper. It does math problems as well, however it want take the place of a scientific calculator, but it serve it purpose for life financial complication.


User: Micah Josche' Smith
User Rating: ★★★★★
I love Casio and I have been making A's in my corporate finance class. This calculating tool is easy to use and has lots of video tutorials on YouTube if you get lost. The only downfall is that it is better to download the user manual from the website as opposed to the one in the factory box. Trust me on this one.


User: Ed A
User Rating: ★★★★★
I was truly looking forward to receiving this financial calculator which came very quickly. I needed it to replace my HP. What a manual. No key left unturned.


User: Eric Hirsh
User Rating: ★★★★
Great product for my needs. I'm used to using a TI-84 graphing calculator so the interface is quite different but not hard to learn. What I especially like it the multiple lined display. I have some friends with a single line display and it's very hard to understand what you're typing in.


User: Allan S. Jackman
User Rating: ★★★★
One thing I wish this displayed was a comma showing every thousand. I'm always counting the numerals for accuracy, the comma would simplify.


User: Mike Gloria
User Rating: ★★★★★
This calculator takes a little bit of getting used to, (I think I expect too much intuitiveness), but once you get the hang of it, it will save you tons of time doing compound interest and annuity calculations just b/c you're not as prone to fat fingering it or placing a parenthesis in the wrong place. Great calculator for accounting/statistics classes. Would definitely recommend to a friend.