Casio fx-CP400 L Graphing Calculator


Casio FX-CP400 Calculator, ClassPad Graphing Calculators with CAS Graphics Functions

Equipped with a high resolution 4.8 inch large touch-panel LCD, the Casio FX-CP400 calculator provides clearer images of mathematical data for students, as well as a better way to comprehend the relationships between their equations and graphs since the calculator can display both at the same time.

  • The Casio FX-CP400 is a CAS and graphics calculator with enhanced functionality ideal for algebra, statistics, calculus and geometry.
  • The large 4.8 inch colour LCD display is also a touch panel so you can operate your calculator using a stylus.
  • 3D graphing functionality allows you to trace, zoom and rotate your graphs.
  • Alternate mode between horizontal and vertical orientation at the touch of a button, allowing you to see long formulas or graphs as they were intended.
  • The colour display allows you to colour code each graph and figure with a real time colour link which will automatically update the colour of the same data across charts or spreadsheets.
  • You can view formula equations and graphs on the same screen, helping you understand the relationship between them.
  • The touch panel is intuitively designed and easy to operate.
  • The calculator comes with a USB cable so you can transfer your data and work from a computer.

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Richer Mathematical and Graphical Expression

The FX-CP400 graphing calculatoris the first in the ClassPad series to be equipped with a color display. It also boasts resolution 4.4 times higher* than the previous ClassPad. The large color LCD makes it easy to observe mathematical formulas, graphs, and images, realizing more comfortable operation. (* number of pixels)

Real-Time Color Link

When you change the color of character data in the spreadsheet, the color of the same data will automatically be changed in the chart window, and vice versa.

One-Touch Switching Between Upright and Horizontal View

Switching the display between upright and horizontal view is simplicity itself - just tap the icon on the control panel! The horizontal view is particularly convenient for displaying a long formula on a single line.

View Graphs Horizontally

The rotation function now also works with the graph application. Use of horizontal display, coupled with the ClassPad’s large screen, allows a graph 1.7 times larger than previous versions to be displayed.

Special Features


  • CAS (Computer Algebra System)
  • Algebra Assistant
  • Fractions
  • Transformation (simplify, expand, factor)
  • Function graphing, polar, parametric and x = f (y) equations
  • Numeric evaluation of functions in tables
  • Graph solve (root, max, intersection, inflection, distance)
  • Conics graphs (Parabola, Circle, Ellipse, Hyperbola, General figure)
  • Conics graph solve (Focus, Vertex, Directrix, Symmetry, Center, Radius)
  • Recursive and explicit sequence numerical tables and plots
  • Number Base (base 2 (Bin), 8 (Oct), 10 (Dec) and 16 (Hex))
  • Laplace transform, Fourier transform, Fast Fourier transform (FFT)


  • Hyperbolics
  • Integration, Differential
  • Differential equation
  • Σ, ∏, lim
  • Dirac Delta, Heaviside Unit Step, Gamma


  • Statistical plot (Scatter Plot, xyLine, Normal Probability Plot, Histogram, Box-whisker plot)
  • Statistical regression graphs

Other Useful Features

  • Graphing function
  • Drag & drop
  • Natural format input of equations and expressions
  • Natural format display of results
  • Math, Alphabet, 2D soft keyboards
  • Command catalogue soft keyboard
  • Shift key configuration
  • Calculation History
  • Mantissa + exponent: 10 + 3
  • Interactive manipulation for solving equations
  • Differential equation graphs
  • Numeric equation solver
  • Financial calculations
  • Icon menus
  • Full screen display/Split screen display
  • Software upgradeability (maintenance, feature upgrades)
  • User-defined variable
  • User-defined function (extends built-in functions)
  • Folder-based memory management
  • Resetting/Initializing memory
  • Selectable display language
  • Auto Power Off (APO)
  • Bundled Screen Receiver Software
  • Ending Screen/User-defined Ending Screen
  • Graph & Picture
  • Horizontal screen view
  • Length unit

User Reviews

User: Luke Andrew Galloway
User Rating: ★★★★★
I love this calculator. I bought it after a friend of mine let me use it and I realized just how user friendly it was. The only problem I have is that it was shipped to me in a closed package but did not have a battery cover. I have messaged customer service and am just waiting to hear back from them.


User: Dustin Greene
User Rating: ★★★★★
best graphing calculator I have owned yet. Does all calculations for engineering, chemistry, and all other math classes. Even has programs you can download and add to it such as the periodic table and more. Easy to use, nice touch screen. Fantastic machine.


User: Erik Tavarez
User Rating: ★★★★★
This is a great calculator. I am not tech savvy, so there will be a large learning curve for me to learn everything it can do. But the basic features are easy enough for a novice like me to use. I like the big screen, cut, copy, and paste feature. And you can move the numbers around easily with the tap and drag feature it has. It comes with a hard cover, but I wish they made an extra heavy-duty case / cover for it like they make for other comparable calculators. I am not a mathematician but I feel like one when I use this calculator.


User: A. J. Ross
User Rating: ★★★★
I just received my new Casio FX CP400 calculator. This machine is absolutely amazing. It can do just about any advanced mathematical calculation you can think of. The screen is very clear and easy to read. The stylus is responsive and makes using the calculator a breeze. The commands and menu choices are intuitive. I have not opened the manual yet. I have been able to figure out quite a bit by exploring the menus and watching a few You Tube videos. I have not tried the e activities yet. My only complaint is the color. Mine came in white. I wish that there were other colors such as black or blue. However that has nothing to do with the excellent functionality of this calculator.


User: Anand P Shukla
User Rating: ★★★
I liked this calculator but I see issue with the screen. If you tilt the calculator bit right, menu fade away and if you tilt little more menu disappears. If you tilt it left, it gets darker. Being a right handed person, I have to keep the calculator on the right hand side and reading material in front of me, makes the screen hard to read. Another strange thing is that this issue happens to only to menu and menu items while if you type numbers for calculation they stay sharp.


User: Ben Castro
User Rating: ★★★★★
I really love everything about this calculator. The screen, the weight, the quality, how fast it is, how easy it is to use. This is my first recommendation to anyone who wants to buy a programmable calculator.


User: Katie Belle
User Rating: ★★★★★
As a biochemical engineering student in her junior year, this is the most brilliant device I have come across yet for my extended calculations and certain design programing.


User: Rey
User Rating: ★★★★
I know its really useful for some engineering, got it for my brother but the screen was defected with some dark spot, maybe i was not lucky, but had to return it, it still one of the best graphing calculators but my experience was not good.