Construction Calculators

Save time and improve quality with these electronic calculating tools. It solve your every day calculation problems and perfected by years of experience by the best names in the business. Foot-inch-fraction calculations, estimation and take-offs, distance measurement and time-consuming problems you face every day... will make it simple with these calculators.

Calculated Industries 4067 Construction Master Plus EZ Construction Math Prompting Calculator

Construction Master Plus EZ
Newest in Calculated Industries' line of award-winning Construction Master Pro construction-math prompting calculators, with built-in solutions to solve virtually any construction-math problem in seconds.
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Calculated Industries 4020 Measure Master Pro Measurement Conversion Calculator

Measure Master Pro Measurement Conversion Calculator
Get professional results every time with this feet-inch-fraction and metric dimensional calculator for projects involving measurements.
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Materials Estimating Calculator
Money-saving, time-saving, easy-to-use construction materials estimating calculator that designed for contractors, trades people and estimating professionals who need to determine material amounts and cost.
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Construction Master Pro Desktop
Provides construction professionals with complete trig functions to help them quickly and easily solve complex construction-math problems and saves time, reduces costs and prevents re-work.
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Construction Master Pro Trig Calculator
An excellent calculator for construction engineers, designers, surveyors and framers, designed for quick and accurate calculations for tasks that need full trigonometric functions such as surveying, flooring, and roof installations.
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Calculated Industries ConcreteCalc Pro 4225 Advanced Yard Feet Inch and Fraction Concrete Calculator

ConcreteCalc Pro Concrete Calculator
Complex concrete and paving calculations are made easy with the ConcreteCalc Pro Calculator, it helps reduce material waste, improve design accuracy and cut estimating time.
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Calculated Industries Pipe Trades Pro 4095 Calculator

Pipe Trades Pro Calculator
Ideal for professional pipefitters, the Pipe Trades Pro calculator enables you to make a variety of calculations related to pipe layout and design, less time on calculating and looking at charts and more time cutting, welding and placing pipe.
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Calculated Industries 8025 Ultra Measure Master Measurement Conversion Calculator

Ultra Measure Master Calculator
Most complete, easy-to-use metric conversion calculator, the Ultra Measure Master makes quick work of converting between imperial and metric measurements, and it's ideal for engineers, architects, scientists, construction pros, students.
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Craftsman DIY Project Calculator

Craftsman DIY Project Calculator
Perfect estimating tool for any home improvement project, quickly and accurately provides all the information you need to order the correct amount of materials, reducing calculation errors and saving time.
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Construction Master 5 (En Espanol) Calculator
The Construction Master 5 En EspaƱol is the first Construction-Math calculator designed specifically for Spanish-speaking users. All special function key labels, the LCD display and calculated values are in Spanish.
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Sentry Contractor Calculator
This is a feature-packed project planning calculator with user-friendly prompts and features, it performs cost and materials calculations in addition to standard calculations. Handles feet, inches, meters and yards.
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Calculated Industries 4065 Construction Master Pro Advanced Construction Math Calculator

Construction Master Pro
Construction Master Pro is the industry standard for advanced construction-math calculators with powerful built-in solutions and expanded preference settings perfect for completing layouts, plans, bids and estimates.
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ScheduleCalc Time & Calendar Math Calculator
The time-saving ScheduleCalc is an specialty tools for managing schedules, payroll and time, ideal for schedulers, production planners, contract administrators.
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Calculated Industries 4325 HeavyCalc Pro Construction Calculator

HeavyCalc Pro Construction Calculator
Heavy construction math calculator for engineers, designers, excavators, highway & heavy construction professionalssave, help to save time, eliminate costly errors, reduce material & labor expenses.
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Calculated Industries 8510 Home ProjectCalc Do It Yourself Project Calculator

Home ProjectCalc
Design & finish your home improvement projects with precision and confidence by home ProjectCalc, designed for homeowners, DIY, woodworkers, hobbyists, decorators & gardeners.
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Calculated Industries 5070 ElectriCalc Pro Electrical Code Calculator

ElectriCalc Pro
The ElectriCalc Pro is the world's most complete Code-based electrical calculator, designed to solve hundreds of electrical design & estimation problems instantly & accurately.
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Calculated Industries 8030 ConversionCalc Plus Conversion Calculator

ConversionCalc Plus
Virtually any conversion is at your fingertips with this conversion calculator, ConversionCalc Plus is ideal for health care professionals, scientists, pharmacists, nutritionists, lab techs, engineers, specifiers, & importers/exporters.
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Calculated Industries 9130 TimeMaster II

TimeMaster II Calculator
Easy-to-use calculator for time-math measurements, conversions, schedules, rate-based estimates & solving elapsed time calculations, able to instantly determine time-based costs & rates for billing/estimates.
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