Guerrilla Hard Travel Case Graphing Calculators Guerrilla Essential Calculator Accessory Kit

Guerrilla Hard Travel Case for TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus Color Edition, TI-89 Titanium, TI-Nspire CX&CX CAS,HP50G Graphing Calculators + Guerrilla's Essential Calculator Accessory Kit

  • Compatible with all Graphing calculators! including ti-83 plus, ti-84 plus, ti-84 plus C silver edition, ti-84 plus CE, ti-89 titanium, ti-nspire cx, ti-nspire cx cas, HP Prime, casio Graphing calculators, and more
  • Made from top quality, durable, anti-shock, weather resistant EVA Material.
  • Convenient removable wrist strap for Easy carrying, + inner mesh pocket for charger and cable
  • Essential Guerrilla accessory kit includes 2 Guerrilla Mechanical pencils, Guerrilla eraser, lead refill, Guerrilla x-y axis Graphing ruler.
  • Also Compatible with calculators that have a slide Case or silicone cover on it. For example, Guerrilla silicone Case for TI calculators. Guerrilla is the #1 Brand of Calculator accessories

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Perfect for School
The Guerrilla hard zipper case is the perfect way to transport your calculator to and from school keeping it well protected. It also has a convenient removable wrist strap for easy carrying.

Great for Travel and Outdoors
The Guerrilla hard zipper case will protect your graphing calculators while traveling. It's top quality durable, anti-shock, weather resistant EVA Material will even protect it for outdoor use.

Bright Colors
The bright colors of the Guerrilla hard zipper case not only protects your calculators, it also adds style to your everyday use of it.

Fits Guerrilla Slide Cases and Silicone Cases
The case is made to accommodate the use of either the calculator slide cover or even the Guerrilla silicone case for all graphing calculators. The Guerrilla Zipper case also fits many graphing calculators including the TI 83, TI 84, TI 89, TI Nspire CX &CX CAS.

Accessory Kit
The Guerrilla hard zipper case comes with a full accessory kit. This kit includes a graphing ruler, 2 mechanical pencils, lead refills, and an eraser. All of which fit right in the case.

Charging Adapter Pocket
The Guerrilla hard zipper case has a mesh pocket in the lid to hold the charging cable and adapter. The accessory kit can fit in the pocket as well. The main compartment has an elastic strap to better secure the calculator.

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