Guerrilla Silicone Case for Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator

Guerrilla Silicone Case for Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator

  • Protect Your Graphing Calculator
  • Made from high quality non-tear able silicone
  • Easy access to all buttons
  • Guerrilla is the #1 brand of calculator accessories
  • Please note: Product is a case only. Calculator NOT included.

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Protect your graphing calculator with our top quality fully wrap-around silicone cases. Fashionably designed by Guerrilla - the leader in calculator accessories, this case is manufactured with the highest quality silicone and provides the ultimate protect

Ultimate Protection + The Cool Factor
Guerrilla's patented silicone case not only protects your calculator, but it makes you feel good while using the TI Nspire. It's bold colors makes math cool and fun.

The Perfect Gift to Give to a Student or Teacher
Guerrilla's protective cases have become a wonderful gift for any Student- grade school- college. Even some of the biggest college professors are can be seen using our case.

A 'Must Have' for Thousands of Students
Guerrilla's silicone cases are rapidly becoming a 'must have' fashion statement and students around the world are using them to protect and accessorize.

Fully Wraparound Protection + Style
The Guerrilla silicone is specifically moulded to offer an exact fit for your TI Nspire CX or CX CAS calculator. It provides a solid grip and offers the protection you need for your years in School.

Easy Access to All Ports And Buttons
Guerrilla TI Nspire silicone case has been manufactured with you- the student in mind. We created a case that offers full protection and style, yet kept easy access available to all ports and buttons.

Protection You Can Count On
Guerrilla's fully wrap-around case offers the protection you need while offering solid protection and grip around the edges and the sides of the calculator.

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