Sharp EL-2630PIII Printing Calculator


Sharp EL-2630PIII Calculator, Commercial Printing Calculators

The Sharp EL-2630PIII calculator is an indispensable tool for both home and office, perfect and powerful commercial quality two-color ribbon printer with clock/calendar feature and 4.8 lines per second printing, extra-large 12-digit LCD display for better viewing.

  • Extra Large Display - 12-digit (17.0 mm) blue fluorescent display with punctuation
  • Heavy Duty Ribbon Printer - prints at approximately 4.8 lines/sec. in two colors (positive numbers in black, negative numbers in red) on standard size paper rolls.
  • Grand Total - adds the grand total of several calculations such as the total prices times units on an invoice.
  • Mark-Up Key - is used to perform mark-ups, cost/sell/margin calculations, percent changes, and automatic add-on/discounts.
  • Average Key - is use to find the "mean" or average.
  • Calendar/Clock Function - displays and prints date and time.
  • 4-Key Memory - includes memory plus, memory minus, recall and clear memory keys.
  • Additional Features - include floating (F) or fixed decimal (6-3-2-1-0), add (A) and constant (K) modes, item count, and round up/down/off selector. Prints on standard paper roll and operates on AC power.

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Sharp EL-2630PIII Calculator Prints Documentation Quickly

Sharp EL-2630PIII 12 digit calculator is perfect for the everyday or moderate user, especially in a busy office setting. Features an extra-large fluorescent display for easy viewing.

The keys are engineered with an Microban AntiMicrobial Agent that reduces the growth of microbes and bacteria, which can cause discoloration and odors. You can count on the fast and reliable 4.8 lines-per-second ribbon printer.

Other functions include: mark up key for calculating cost-sell-margin calculations, percent changes, and automatic add-on/discounts calculations, automatic tax keys, clock/calendar function, conversion function, constants in multiplication and division, grand total key, change sign key, large-size add and subtract keys, fully selectable decimal settings, date/non-add key, item count, average key, selectable rounding switches and 4-key independent memory.

User Reviews

User: Ann Marie
User Rating: ★★★★★
I ordered this for my accountant boyfriend. It's the same exact model he had for 10+ years, it got daily heavy use (he's a workaholic) and after 10 years got a paper jam. One paper jam after 10 years (while using thinner flimsier paper than the better quality paper he usually uses because he ran out of his usual paper and bought some cheap thin paper rolls somewhere) is a pretty good record. He was satisfied with the first one and wanted another one exactly like it. He's using it right now and is happy with it.


User: Cathy
User Rating: ★★★★
Sharp customer service is great!!! I use this sharp ep-2630piii calculator in a small office. It worked great until the paper started jamming. I blamed it on the recycled paper. Couldn't fix it so purchased a 2nd one that did the same thing. Finally I called customer service and they directed me to a You-tube video that explained all you need to do is cut out a business card size piece of plastic out of a bottle. This plastic card is just the right size and fixed my paper jam. I still had the first calculator (I hate to throw things away) and was able to fix it as well. Great calculator and awesome customer service!


User: Kensington813
User Rating: ★★★
I had the same calculator for years and works great. The tape stopped feeding so I bought a new one. The tape feeding mechanism broke on this new calculator within a couple of days that I bought the new one. I need to find the manufacturers warranty and send it back.


User: Christine M.
User Rating: ★★★★★
Came in excellent used condition. This machine is a bit louder than my old version, but super fast and the printing on the tape is very clear and easy to read. Delivery was prompt, and the item was packed very well. Great transaction, and great product!


User: SUSAN F.
User Rating: ★★★★★
Printing Calculator Replacement. I used a Sharp EL-2630GI printing calculator for an unbelievable 17 years! When it recently quit working, I found the Sharp EL-2630PIII calculator on-line. The Sharp keyboard layout was the same, although it has some extra business functions I probably won't use. Very happy with the machine!