TI-34 MultiView Calculator with Advanced Math and Science Features, Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments TI-34 MultiView Calculator

Powerful and easy-to-use four-line scientific TI-34 MultiView calculator with advanced fraction capabilities for middle school math and science.


  • Design that delivers high availability, scalability, and for maximum flexibility and price/performance
  • Adds, subtracts, multiplies, and divides fractions entered in traditional numerator/denominator format
  • Performs trigonometric functions, logarithms, roots, powers, reciprocals, and factorials
  • Polar/rectangular conversions
  • Exam acceptance: The TI-34 MultiView calculator is approved for use on SAT*, ACT*, and AP* exams.
  • 1-variable statistics include results for mean and standard deviation
  • Battery powered; slide case included
  • Manufactured In Taiwan

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4-Line Display Scientific Calculator with General Math and Science Functionality

For high school or college students tackling advanced math, this is a great tool (and a thoughtful back-to-school gift), and with more professors allowing the use of calculators during classes and exams, it's a necessary one. Easy to use and easy to slip into a backpack, the ti-34 multiview calculator will soon become indispensable for both the serious and the striving math student.

View more calculations at a time

Four-line display allows you to enter more than one calculation, compare results and explore patterns, all on the same screen.

MathPrint™ feature

Use the MathPrint™ feature to display expressions, symbols, and fractions just as they appear in textbooks.

Explore fractions

Explore fraction simplification, integer division and constant operators.

Investigate patterns

Explore patterns via list conversions to see different number formats like decimal, fraction and percent side-by-side.

Built-in functionality

  • Review and edit previous entries via a scrollable home screen
  • Paste inputs or outputs into new calculations
  • MathPrint™ mode for input in math notation, including π, square roots, fractions, percents and exponents plus math notation output for fractions
  • CLASSIC mode for similar entry and compatibility with previous two-line scientific models like the TI-34II pixels
  • π symbol on input, some calculations in terms of pi and pi to the maximum decimal places of the calculator
  • Toggle key to change the form of answers between fraction and decimal, or between π terms and decimal
  • Fraction/decimal/percent conversions
  • Change between improper fractions and mixed numbers, plus a mode setting for mixed number or improper fraction output as the default
  • Simplification of fractions feature to simplify a fraction one factor at a time instead of automatically simplifying to lowest terms
  • Integer division denotes quotient and remainder
  • Random number and random integer generator
  • MODE menu for selecting calculator mode settings
  • Menu settings
  • Functions accessed directly through keys or through vertical menus
  • Negation key
  • Two constant operation features for exploring mathematical patterns
  • Combinations and permutations
  • Trigonometry functions including sin, cos, tan, inverse sin, inverse cos and inverse tan
  • Logs and antilogs
  • Convert angles from degrees to radians
  • Square root function is primary key
  • {490ede0002b08415e87ccfeefe6774198f39eeaaf2837a3b8bd3ca5866846f85}, x², ¹/x, π, x!, exponent key
  • Fixed decimal mode option
  • Basic Data/List Editor with three lists
  • One- and two-variable statistics with stat variable input storage
  • EOS: (Equation Operating System)
  • Up to eight pending operations
  • Up to 23 levels of parentheses
  • Error recovery capability
  • Quick/easy reset of calculator via 2 key press or menu for exam purposes
  • Seven memory variables. (x,y,z,t,a,b,c)
  • Scientific notation
  • x10n key for quick input of numbers in powers of 10

User Reviews

User: mark
User Rating: ★★★★
Good scientific calculator. Good calculator for the price. Didn't notice however that it is battery powered instead of solar like most calculators today. Not a big deal. Still gives the same answers to all of my math problems.


User: Elizabeth Bowen
User Rating: ★★★★
I purchased ti-34 multiview calculator after not being able to readily find it in stores as the school year approached. The calculator is slim and sleek and works well. My son uses it for his math classes every day. It's small enough to fit in a separate side pocket on his backpack and very lightweight so that it doesn't add extra pounds. I am very pleased with this purchase and the price and will recommend it to my friends.


User: C Scott
User Rating: ★★★★
Honestly, this is the best scientific calculator that I've ever owned. I got my first one in 3rd grade and have used it consistently since. I'm now a junior in college and it finally gave up on me after all these years. I love it so much that I've ordered another one. It's great because you can enter lists of numbers and do simple statistical functions (standard deviation, mean, etc.) and will work in nearly any class that a graphing calculators is not allowed. Much easier display and use than other models such as the TI-30.


User: Property Manager
User Rating: ★★★★★
Back to school calculator. GREAT little scientific calculator . I use this for algebra and it really helps .i went back to college and haven't been in school in 30 years . Nice product and nice price


User: wsdeer
User Rating: ★★★★
At first it was just a required school tool, but i now rely on this great calculator for all kinds of things. We use it for my entrepreneur class, home projects and my school work.


User: Adam and Brittney Bowen
User Rating: ★★★★★
This item was purchased because my son was required to have a scientific calculator that would do fractions along with other things for his 7th grade math class at school. We are very impressed with how well it is made and also with all of the functions that this calculator does.. It is a four-line scientific multiview calculator with advanced fraction capabilities for middle school math and science which was exactly what we needed it for. Some of the features of this calculator include: Four-line display, One- and two-variable statistics, MathPrint feature, Advanced fraction capabilities, Step-by-step fraction simplification, Edit, cut, and paste entries, and Solar and battery powered. It is generally ideal for middle school math, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, and Science. Overall we are very pleased with this calculator and have recommended it to friends in his class.


User: Susan D.
User Rating: ★★★★
TI-34 multiview calculator is just what we needed. Same calculator as they use in middle school.


User: Mitchell Takahashi
User Rating: ★★★★
Daughter needed a new calculator with multiple lines. Teacher suggested ti-34 multiview calculator and found it cheaper here than anywhere else locally. Received in 2 days and we are very pleased with the purchase. Daughter should be able to use for a couple of years before having to upgrade to a higher function calculators. We will pass this down to others when she is done.