Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator

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Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Calculator

The TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator helps you to perform complex calculations in just seconds. Visualize concepts clearly and make faster, stronger connections between equations, data, and graphs in full color.

  • Enhanced screen readability with high-resolution, backlit display
  • Distinguish between multiple graphs and plots with color-coded equations, plots and objects
  • Make graphs easier to read by adding grid lines

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE calculator is approved for use on the following exams:

  • PSAT*, SAT*, and ACT® college entrance exams
  • AP* Exams that allow or require a graphing calculator
  • Approved for use on the IB exam

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TI-84 Plus CE Calculator Comes with Familiar TI-84 Plus Family Functionality

The same menu structure and navigation as the TI-84 Plus family make it easy to pick up and learn. Built-in MathPrint™ functionality allows you to input and view math symbols, formulas and stacked fractions exactly as they appear in textbooks.

Make Real-World Connections

Deepen student understanding of math concepts with images. Import photos from a computer to the calculator and graph on top of the images to create an engaging learning experience.

84 Activity Central

Subject-specific lessons and tools that help students gain an understanding of math and science concepts. Find activities written for the TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus CE.

Professional Development

Webinars, tutorials, workshops and courses delivered by experienced, certified T³ instructors to help you meet your classroom goals. For more than 25 years, the T³ organization has been providing professional development that combines content-rich curriculum, hands-on technology training and compelling instruction on best teaching practices.

Built-in Functionality

  • Add images to graph background
  • 15 colors for function graphing
  • Change style and color of axes and grids on graphs
  • Catalog Syntax Help
  • Alphabetical CATALOG of all TI calculator operations in one menu
  • Advanced functions accessed through pull-down display menus
  • Real and complex numbers calculated to 14-digit accuracy and displayed with 10 digits plus a 2-digit exponent
  • Graphs 10 rectangular functions, 6 parametric expressions, 6 polar expressions, and 3 recursively-defined sequences
  • Up to 10 graphing functions defined, saved, graphed and analyzed at one time
  • Sequence graphing mode shows time series plot, cobweb/stair-step plot and phase plots
  • User-defined list names. Lists store up to 999 elements
  • 17 interactive zoom features
  • Numeric evaluations given in table format for all graphing modes
  • Interactive analysis of function values, roots, maximums, minimums, integrals and derivatives
  • 8 different graph styles for differentiating the look of each graph drawn
  • Horizontal and vertical split- screen options
  • View graph and table side-by-side
  • Stores up to 10 - 50x50 matrices
  • Matrix operations including inverse, determinant, transpose, augment, reduced row echelon form and elementary row operations. Convert matrices to lists and vice-versa
  • List-based one- and two-variable statistical analysis, including logistic, sinusoidal, median-median, linear, logarithmic, exponential, power, quadratic polynomial, cubic polynomial, and quartic polynomial regression models
  • 3 statistical plot definitions for scatter plots, xy-line plots, histograms, regular and modified box-and-whisker plots, and normal probability plots
  • Advanced statistics features including 10 hypothesis testing functions, 7 confidence interval functions and one-way analysis of variance
  • 15 probability distribution functions including Normal, Student-t, Chi-square, Binomial, and Poisson
  • Business functions including Time-Value-of-Money (TVM), cash flows, and amortization. Full screen interactive editor for solving TVM problems
  • Interactive equation solver editor allows solving numerically for different variables in an equation
  • 11 Regression calculations

Key Features

User: Dwyanne W.
User Rating: ★★★★★
Outstanding investment. This has been a valuable tool for my classwork and business responsibilities. Recommend to students and business people as well!


User Rating: ★★★★
It is a regular calculators. Only loaded with a few scientific functions. If you are of these scientific formulas yourselves, you can just key in the numbers and arrive at the same conclusions. By all means you need to have some knowledge of the formulas in order to use the calculator. Al in all the calculator will not replace your thinking and analysis. So be prepared.


User: A. Lile
User Rating: ★★★★
My daughter loves this TI-84 Plus CE calculator. She's headed off to college at 16 and will get a lot of use out of this.


User: Sonia
User Rating: ★★★★★
My daughter asked for this for her birthday as she is a sophomore in high school. Great calculate. She loves it and the color option made her even happier.


User: Linda e.
User Rating: ★★★★★
Powerful graphing calculator, this was bought for my daughter's 9th grade math class and she loves it! It does everything she needs it to do for algebra and then some!


User: Mary B.
User Rating: ★★★★★
I bought this ti-84 plus ce calculator for my son who is a junior in high school. He loves it, and most of his friends and classmates have this calculator. Perfect for trig and calculus, will take him into college. Great investment. Love the rechargeable batteries!


User: Miz Eliz
User Rating: ★★★★★
AP/SAT/ACT approved graphing calculator. Both my daughters used this model throughout high school and into college. We bought a new one for my youngest to get the latest features but her five year old calculator is still going strong. Color graphing is worth the extra cost. The battery is replaceable and lasts 4-5 years and is not super expensive. Figure the cost per year and then invest in your child's education!


User: Garilyn
User Rating: ★★★★
Fast shipping and is brand new! I love the color....It's also cheaper than what you would pay in most stores like Walmart, Target.. etc..


User: Angie V.
User Rating: ★★★★★
Good graphing calculator for Grandson just entering high school!! We were all very pleased with this calculator, works great easy to understand! would buy again.


User: Mike M.
User Rating: ★★★★
Texas Instruments has always made the best calculators. I haven't bought one in a lot of years and this time I decided to try the color graphics. I'm not disappointed. It's hard to read grayscale graphs anymore after the rise of the PC, and my eyes appreciate the extra contrast on this screen that they've grown accustomed to with computers.


User: Michael C
User Rating: ★★★★
Must have for anyone taking calculus!
I docked off a star because the build quality is lacking. Seriously? Glossy plastic on a 100+ dollar calculator? The glossy plastic smudges and scratches way too easily!


User: Diana Frisby
User Rating: ★★★★★
Love this calculator! Great look and works even better. User friendly and not hard to learn how to operate.