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Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Calculator

Expanded graphing technology performance comes preloaded with more than a dozen applications, including functionality that encourages exploration of interactive geometry, inequality graphing and real-world data collection and analysis.

The TI-84 Plus graphing calculator features include:

  • Much lighter and thinner than earlier generation TI-84 Plus models
  • Vibrant backlit color screen
  • TI-Rechargeable battery
  • Pre-loaded Apps and Images
  • MathPrint™ functionality
  • Capability to import photos from a computer to the calculator and graph on top of the images to create an engaging learning experience†
  • Approved for PSAT**, SAT** and ACT® college entrance exams; and for AP** tests that allow or require a graphing calculator

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Powerful TI-84 Plus Calculator's Graphing Technology

The all-purpose TI-84 Plus graphing calculator, ideal for math and science, features more than a dozen preloaded apps including functionality that encourages exploration of interactive geometry, inequality graphing, and real-world data collection and analysis. Ideal for middle school through college.

TI-83 Plus, which is perhaps the best-selling calculator of all time, the TI-84 Plus is completely compatible with its predecessor. From that well-established platform, this new model adds more speed (a processor that's 2.5 times faster), more memory (24 KB RAM and 480 KB of Flash ROM), an enhanced high-contrast display (eight lines by 16 characters), and more beloved Apps.

With the TI-84 Plus calculator, you can view an equation, its graph, and the coordinates all at one time. Jump from point to point by entering a number. Several useful plot types are available, including scatter, box-and-whisker, XY-line, histogram, and normal probability plots. Advanced statistics and regression analysis, graphical analysis, and data analysis are readily accessed, along with features for calculus, engineering, financial, logarithm, trigonometry, and hyperbolic functions, all crucial tools for advanced analysis. With its clear display and fast processing, the calculator incorporates graphing tools for mathematics and science course work, including statistics and finance.

Twelve Apps are pre-loaded, including Cabri Jr., CBL/CBR, Conic Graphing, Inequality Graphing, Probability Simulations, Science Tools, StudyCards, TimeSpan, Topics in Algebra 1 Chapter 5, Topics in Algebra 1 Chapters 1-4, Transformation Graphing, and more. For students in math and sciences, the TI-84 Plus is a powerful, problem-solving tool with features for storing, graphing, and analyzing up to 10 functions. Plus, it displays graphs and evaluates tables on a split screen, allowing you to trace the graph and scroll through table values simultaneously.

Built-in Functionality

  • Advanced functions accessed through pull-down display menus
  • Real and complex numbers calculated to 14-digit accuracy and displayed with 10 digits plus a 2-digit exponent
  • Graphs 10 rectangular functions, 6 parametric expressions, 6 polar expressions and 3 recursively-defined sequences
  • Up to 10 graphing functions defined, saved, graphed and analyzed at one time
  • Sequence graphing mode shows time series plot, cobweb/ stair-step plot and phase plots
  • User-defined list names. Lists store up to 999 elements
  • 14 interactive zoom features
  • Function evaluation table shows numeric evaluation of functions in table format
  • Interactive analysis of function values, roots, maximums, minimums, integrals and derivatives
  • 7 different graph styles for differentiating the look of each graph drawn
  • Horizontal and vertical split- screen options
  • Matrix operations including inverse, determinant, transpose, augment, reduced row echelon form and elementary row operations. Convert matrices to lists and vice-versa
  • List-based one- and two-variable statistical analysis, including logistic, sinusoidal, median-median, linear, logarithmic, exponential, power, quadratic polynomial, cubic polynomial, and quadratic polynomial regression models
  • 3 statistical plot definitions for scatter plots, xy-line plots, histograms, regular and modified box-and-whisker plots, and normal probability plots
  • Advanced statistics features including 10 hypothesis testing functions, 7 confidence interval functions and one-way analysis of variance
  • 15 probability distribution functions including Normal, Student-t, Chi-square, Binomial and Poisson
  • Business functions including Time-Value-of-Money (TVM), cash flows, and amortization. Full screen interactive editor for solving TVM problems
  • Interactive equation solver editor for solving for different variables in an equation.
  • Alphabetical CATALOG of all TI calculator operations in one menu
  • All TI-83 Plus graphing calculators are fully compatible with TI-84 Plus family calculators

User Reviews

User: Oluwatomiyin G.
User Rating: ★★★★
my new texas ti-84 plus calculator is awesome, it functions just as expected. even though i havent used the calculator to its full potential, i suspect i wont have any problem doing that.


User: Patrick Moore
User Rating: ★★★★
Tetris. Tetris. Tetris. We've all done it. But we shouldn't do it. So, don't do it.

It does everything we need it to do on the numbers side and there are a lot of online sites providing user information. Finding resources for the use on a calculator can be difficult to find, but because Texas Instruments is a popular brand it is easy to find these things. I am glad I bought this calculator. Some of my friends who've purchased other brands were not able to follow along on YouTube to some of the math problems in which the speaker used a T.I. calculator.


User: Kon
User Rating: ★★★★★
This is a great classic TI calculators. I had the same one years ago in high school and I remember it just the same. The design is good, with buttons clearly labeled and accessible. There are so many functions of use for the 84-plus, and I am still discovering more every day. The reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because I find at times the display is difficult to read while graphing. I knew there was a color edition which has a much nicer display, but the $60 price difference convinced me this one would be sufficent and it is. I recommend the TI-84 plus calculator for everyday graphing calculator needs.


User: Sandy P.
User Rating: ★★★★★
The calculator is easy to use and was the exact one my son needed for his class.


User: Terri B.
User Rating: ★★★★★
Perfect for geometry class. My son is thrilled with this calculator. He says it is easy to use and has lots of functionality. It makes his homework much more efficient, and his teacher verified that it can be used all the way through AP calculus. We love the built in protective cover for carrying in his backpack.


User: Sylvia S.
User Rating: ★★★★★
A Must Have Calculator for High School Student. Nice calculator....a little pricey, but worth it on sale and it was on a nice sale.


User: Greeneyedlady
User Rating: ★★★
Great seller but a small flaw in the TI 84 design. This is my second unit in a year. The TI 84 is notorious for not powering up after being used for sometime. The contacts to the battery compartment to the motherboard become compromised in the connection and unable to be repaired thus not allowing the unit to power on. This common issue can be found on YouTube. Since this particular unit is required by my child's school, I have no choice but to keep on buying this unit when it fails as everyone else does. One would think this defect would be corrected by the manufacturer! Just sayin'.


User: Caley
User Rating: ★★★★★
I had to have one of these for myself in school years ago, but had assumed a smartphone app would be a capable replacement these days. Apparently not. Had to purchase this one for my son. This is the one and only graphing calculator I ever plan to purchase so I wanted it to last, and it appears as if it will do just that. It works great, and the faceplate makes it stand out from others so it won't be easily confused for someone else's. I am pleased with this purchase. Please check "Yes" if you have found this review helpful. I rely upon others' reviews to make an informed decision anytime I make a purchase, so it is my intention to help others do the same. I welcome any questions or feedback.


User: Celeste N.
User Rating: ★★★★
Great calculator for high school students for Algebra II/pre-calc/calculus classes.